eBay Domination Masterclass - C - Bonus Course by Dallas Gordon
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eBay Domination Masterclass - C - Bonus Course

Become an eBay Dropshipping Master
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What you will learn:

  • How eBay works 
  • Account Setup
  • Suppliers & Sourcing Methods
  • Listings, Keywords & Winning Strategies

What you will get:

  • 3 Pre-recorded Training Sessions
  • Seller Resources

What's included?

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Welcome to Class! Start here
Requirements for Top Rated Sellers
Seller Resources
eBay Cancellation Policy & Sample Verbage for Customers
eBay Seller Fees Explained (Link)
eBay Vero Program Info
Free eBay Fee Calculator/eBay Keyword Tool (links)
How to Hide the Receipt When Shipping to Customer:
Note to Supplier for Dropshipping
Price Monitoring & Inventory Tools
Processing Returns
Product Research Tools - FREE
Requirements for Top Rated Sellers
Save & Increase Profits with these Sites & Apps
Store Policies for Listing Template:
Upwork Job Listing for eBay Lister
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Class Videos
Class 1:Account Setup,eBay Dropshipping Explained,How eBay Works & What You Should Know
Class 2: Stores, Savings and Sourcing Methods
Class 3: Listings, Keywords and Winning on eBay
Class Notes
Class 1 Slides
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Class 2 Slides
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Class 3 Slides
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Last Step!
Congrats & Accountability

Meet Coach Dallas

Dallas N. Gordon, is an e-Comm Expert & Coach, Marketing Strategist and Success Motivator who resides in Northeast Maryland. She is passionate about empowering, teaching and uplifting all those around her to reach their highest potential. Dallas has coached & helped many entrepreneurs and business owners expand their earnings, business awareness and create a life of freedom using e-Commerce and other online marketing strategies. Dallas launched her first successful Shopify store in July of 2004, and has since become a top producer and earner on Shopify, Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. She has earned her B.A. in Theology & Christian studies. She continues to inspire women & men across the world as she embarks on this exciting journey as CEO of eComm Cash Queen and founder of Girl Power Ignite™️.


Is there a support group available?

Yes, an eBay support group is available.

Are refunds allowed

No refunds are allowed for pre-recorded courses or digital downloads

Is this course good for beginners?

Yes, this is a great course for beginners as it begins with the steps for getting started all the way up to more advanced strategies.