Affiliate Program by Dallas Gordon

Affiliate Program

Earn affiliate commissions on each referral for ECQ Products!

What's included?

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ecq affiliate instructions sheet.pdf
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Instructional Video

Meet Coach Dallas

Dallas N. Gordon, is an e-Comm Expert & Coach, Marketing Strategist and Success Motivator who resides in Northeast Maryland. She is passionate about empowering, teaching and uplifting all those around her to reach their highest potential. Dallas has coached & helped many entrepreneurs and business owners expand their earnings, business awareness and create a life of freedom using e-Commerce and other online marketing strategies. Dallas launched her first successful Shopify store in July of 2004, and has since become a top producer and earner on Shopify, Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. She has earned her B.A. in Theology & Christian studies. She continues to inspire women & men across the world as she embarks on this exciting journey as CEO of eComm Cash Queen and founder of Girl Power Ignite™️.


Are instructions provided?

Yes there is an instructional video and guide provided

What is the commission percentage?

The commission percentage is currently set at 35%

Is there a support group?

Yes, there is a Facebook support group for affiliates

How often does the program payout?

Affiliate commissions are paid out once every 30 days